Ten Second Tips: Boost Your Health Now!

Posted on January 15, 2013


Ten Second Tips: Boost Your Health
(The Easy Way to Feng-Shui Series)

~A bowl of fresh fruit on the dining table will boost the health energy in any home. Same goes for the break room table at the office. Even if it is not eaten, the vibration of the fruit helps to attract good health to our surroundings.
~Using the color yellow in the center of your home, room, office or building will boost the healthy energy in every area of our lives. Any shade will do from subtle to fluorescent.
~Avoid the color green, trees and lots of wood in the center of those same areas. These items will neutralize the healthy energy in our surroundings, draining our immune system and energetic vibrancy.
~Many people have green and/or wood here. For an immediate fix to neutralize the draining energy of the wood/green/tree, use white paper, felt or what you have at hand and cut circles. Then place them under, on top of, inside of or near the those items. These circle will remove the blocking effect of the wood on our health.
~Place live plants in this area, except trees. Especially vining plants. These increase the flow of living vital energy to boost our health. For those with no green thumb, silk will do the trick, but they have to be kept dust free. Otherwise they will start to drain the health.
~Keep toilet lids down and shower drains plugged if the bathroom happens to be in this area (true for all areas!). If possible, paint a red line around the drain pipes or use red tape. The red line will keep the wanted health energy from being washed down the drain.


Yellow flowers in a vase are a good way to add a health boost!

Yellow flowers in a vase are a good way to add a health boost!



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