Personal Power Tip of the Day 1-15-2013

Posted on January 15, 2013


#1 Success tip from the world’s top achievers is:


It seems easy and scary at the same time. Asking is the number one success tip given in almost every interview with the world’s most successful people.

And why does it work? Because deep down people like, no, LOVE to help others, for the most part. There are the very few who will look on as another is in need aid. Those reading this will agreed instantly that if asked, you will jump at the chance to be helpful if there is anyway possible.

For the many who do not want to be “rejected” by hearing the word “NO”, here is what you all need to think about, understand and remember the next time you need or want to ask but are afraid.

You are already in the same position, with the EXACT same options BEFORE you ask the question as you would be if the person you ask says no. There is nothing different about your world except for the fact that you had the COURAGE to ask for assistance when you wanted or needed it. For that fact alone you are successful, regardless if the person you asked decides to help you out or not.

Understanding that, when you do hear a “no” it changes nothing in your plans, is important in success. Each of us has a plan, a list of the things we will try to accomplish our dream or goal. We have steps we will take. If we decide to enlist the help of others, there is no guarantee that they will be willing or able. If we cannot get the help of others, and we are 100% committed to our dream, we will find the way to make it happen. Which means…..yes or no from others does not actually matter in order to succeed.

Yes or No from OURSELF is the only request that will make or break our success.

So ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take the chance….make that moment count! Give someone else a chance to do a good deed and help you on your way to making dreams reality.