Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 1-12-2013

Posted on January 11, 2013


Saturday Personal Power Colors : Black, gray, brown, blue

With all the build up & hype about New Year New You, changing our behavior is whichever area that seems most important to us at this moment (the only one that matters) the question is: “What’s next? ”

Today we take all of the determination, readiness and drive and find unexpected ways to take at least one great stride.

The action lists and/or abundance checks we have written should be kept where we can see them at least daily for the next few weeks. You may also want to place a copy in your house, office or room in the Helpful People Area. If you stand in the main door and look to the right, the area in the corner is where you want to put it.

Expect out of the blue visitors, calls and offers. The seeds we have been planting are beginning to push through the soil as new growth. Be ready to tend them.


Sunrise with the new moon 1-11-2013


Top pic is this morning sunrise from my office window.
Second is my initial sketch of a new book idea.  :0)