Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow 1-11-2013

Posted on January 10, 2013


Friday Power Colors : white, lavender, orange, peach, red

Get out and get it done. Take the chance, ask for the promotion, set the interview, sign the papers, make the move. This is the golden moment. Make at least 1 step toward a goal what you desire to achieve. The new moon is rising this morning in a new year giving us the opportunity of new energy to create whatever we desire in our lives.
This energy has major lasting power and determination. If you have a behavior that you would like to change or modify, this weekend is the time to do it!
If you are in a position to offer another person’s opportunity to help launch their dream make yourself available. The reward for that is going to be unforgettable.



I used my Chinese fortune sticks to tell me what kind of chance I might have at obtaining  my dream today. Judging  from what the sticks have  to say it looks like  I have actually made lift off and am in route to altitude for grabbing the golden ring.
My deepest in and undying gratitude to every single one of you who has helped to support me in my efforts to get this message that was given to me out so all of us are able to use it for the best life that we’ve ever had!
I feel so giddy. I love you all. Thank you and have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!!