Personal Power Tip of the Day 1-9-2013

Posted on January 9, 2013



A word with no rhyme.

Unique in many ways, yes it is a blend of two colors.

We should use orange in our daily lives to help alleviate the feelings of loss that we have associated with change.

The energy of the New Year always brings with it a lot of change and determination. With the help of personal power tools such as the color orange, we are able to make those changes and actually feel good about them. Orange helps to brighten the spirit and absorb the feelings of grief and regret that we feel when we decide to change something that has been a part of our identity for many years or even just a few days.
The feeling of loss that we have over changing our behavior. Those feelings and emotions can cause us to get derailed from our goal, the one that we actually know in our gut and intuition that we need to accomplish.
Using the color orange helps to brighten our mood,  boost the spirit and bring optimism to our actions.

For people who do not like the actual true color of orange as a daily wall color or clothing choice,  there are many ways to incorporate this energy without having to do so.
For instance you might have a bowl of oranges sitting on your kitchen table. This will also help to boost the Healthy Energy in your home.
You can use orange post-it notes at your desk.
You can pet an orange animal.
Find a variation of the color orange in shades of peach and tan or maybe in some rusty reds.
Orange or orange-ish colored sheets for your bed.
Try wearing an orange undergarments.
Pictures of the sunrise or sunset.
Pictures of mountain ranges that have orange colors to them.
Eating any orange food.
Those are just a few to get you started on ways you can incorporate the vibration in your life everyday.

The feelings of loss that we have on a daily basis build up in our bodies, both the physical body & our energy or spirit body. Personal power tools are made to help dissipate and eliminate those energy from our fields.

Orange is very powerful in giving support for feelings of grief, loss, sadness, isolation, depression and abandonment.

Plus the best news of all is it works no matter how old the grief, loss,  wound or sadness may be.