1-9-2013 Energy Flow and Daily Power Colors

Posted on January 8, 2013



Personal Power Colors for Wednesday: Gold, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Green

If it feels like another New Year is coming this weekend, you are reading the energy well. Most of us have not tried to “be good” or change a needles/damaging behavior. All of that is going to change Friday.

This weekend is made for making it stick. Determination and perseverance abound. Also stubbornness, so watch out not to get stuck and miss the momentum.

 Before we get there we are having some week! Active and overflowing we are spilling out of everywhere. Real spills, word spills and emotional spills have abounded so far this week. Today will continue to be chatty. A great day for meetings, setting appointments, asking for interviews and arranging contacts for major projects.

Be sure not to be too serious in your conversations. Also if old issues are brought out, say what is in your heart on the subject. There is an understanding quality that will allow feelings to be aired without grudges being formed.

We ready to commit to a definite course of action on a major project or in regards to relationships. Some will being, some will end. If you have a partner and are not at the start or end of your relationship, now is a great time to reaffirm to each other why you are so great together. Have a special dinner, take a short trip or do something new to keep the novelty (and the spark) alive.