1-8-2013 Energy Flow and Daily Power Colors

Posted on January 7, 2013


Tuesday Power Colors: Red, Black, Silver, White, Gray

Another day of action.
The week is made for getting work done and connecting. Expect today (and the rest of the week) to be full of conversations. Everyone is going to be chatty, be sure to let the other guy have a say once in a while. We are all working on goal steps, be sure to help the other person along by listening as well as talking.

We get a needed energy boost as we are in the lowest energy days of the month. WE are heading to a new moon on Friday that will set up a perfect week for taking advantage of every connection we have ever made. Leave not stone unturned and be sure to ask enough people for favors and help that you get tired of hearing no.

“No” never hurt anyone. If you get a no, it means you are the same as before you asked, no harm, no foul.

Overall an upbeat day, The energy of determination is very high, with that comes stubbornness. Be sure to make yourself let go of something if you feel you are holding too fast to it. You are most likely preventing yourself from something you need to take the next action step.

Enjoy the day and do some start gazing. They are so sparkly these nights.

Tuxx being Christmas-y

Tuxx being Christmas-y