1-7-2013 Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow

Posted on January 6, 2013


Tuxx the cat monitoring the tree removal.

Tuxx the cat monitoring the tree removal.

Monday Power Colors: Silver, cream, white, black, lavender

A day to put the nose to the grindstone and turn out some results. Enough making the connections and research, today is a day for getting the work done. It is also a good day for getting to the bottom of issues, going over and mapping the inner workings of everything from projects to dreams to relationships to life paths.
mysteries will be solved or information may become known that has been hidden before.
Be sure you really want to know the information before you go through the door of knowledge (which you can never come back from).
This is perfect time for putting an end to relationships that are detrimental, we have outgrown or are unhealthy and not supporting our goals & dreams.
This include relationships with food, money, alcohol, other drugs, sex, people, possessions, anything we relate to daily.
The energy is in the lowest phase of the month so we may also be withdrawn and isolated feeling as well. Do not push at those who need quiet time now. All of us should take some time of quiet and reflection .