Personal Power Tip of the Day 1-5-2013

Posted on January 5, 2013


Permission to Forgive. As the energy of the new year pushes in we are feeling compelled and sometimes prodded to forgive others for things we are hurt about. That is a very difficult thing for our human ego to do. Instead of trying to insist that we forgive, it is more supportive and productive to give our self permission to forgive.

This does two things. First it allows the possibility of forgiveness energy to enter into our relationship with our self and the other person. Second it keeps us from having to insist that our ego do something is never going to be able to do which is unhealthy. Our ego exists to ensure we survive and it is illogical and stressful to expect it to perform a function it was not built to perform. It’s like trying to use a screwdriver to be a hammer. To satisfy our spiritual need to forgive and our human need to feel like we are right and just, giving permission to forgive is more powerful.

It is more useful and it is more productive. Say things such as: ” I give myself permission to forgive my father for divorcing my mother.” “I give my children permission to forgive me for leaving the family.” “I give my ex permission to forgive me for whatever I did to make them want to leave.” “I give myself permission to forgive myself for whatever I did to cause my life to be at the place it is now.” In general you are going to be saying “I give myself permission to forgive”*** fill in the blank*** for whatever it is that you are feeling like they need forgiveness for that you cannot give.

This way you’re striking a balance and releasing & allowing yourself to move along and away from this required thing you cannot do. Forgiveness belongs to the person giving it out not the person receiving. If someone point blank ask you for forgiveness and you cannot do it tell them so. Let them know that you will try to make peace with how things stand but forgiveness is not something you’re going to require of yourself when you do not feel you can give it sincerely. And while you’re going through these emotions, break out the color orange and use it as much as possible to help up lift you during this time.