Daily Power Colors and Full Moon Energy Flow Report Dec. 28-29, 2012

Posted on December 27, 2012


Friday Power Colors: Pink, White, Lavender, Orange, Red

Saturday Power Colors: Brown, Black, Blue, Gray

One of my favorite shots from this year's (2012) tree.

One of my favorite shots from this year’s (2012) tree.

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You know what is fun?

The fact that the world is still here. That we have a chance to continue to surf the tides of the Universe. I was thinking in the shower yesterday how very lucky I am to be able to take a hot shower during a big snow storm and not worry about being wet and cold.

The energy flow for this Full Moon is powerful, determined and at times too uncompromising. Be sure to check the stubbornness factor as you make your way along the Action Step check list we will be making this weekend.

Innovation and inspiration are coming from everywhere over the next few weeks. Keep pen and paper close by to use while awake and asleep.

This weekend looks to be emotional. We are in the process of figuring out what we definitely do not want to do, want to be or want to be with for the rest of our lives. This means we will be letting go of some things. This action always creates a feeling of grief no matter how much we need to change and grow. Be prepared for feelings of relief and guilt to creep in. Sometimes when we let go of something that leaves us feeling very free, we feel guilty for being happy. Realize those feelings and let them go. They are not the point. Major moves in our growth and goal planning are the point.

Balancing work and home will be our focus. We have the support of determination, along with ambition and a high level of inspiration the assist us in reaching far past our initial goals. Benefactors will be in the mood to lend us resources. Show them you are ready to receive by taking major action. Share info about what you do, who you are and how you help. Make calls to remind past contacts you are still interested in past ideas or offers.

Another good thing to do to capture the ‘git-r-done’ energy of this full moon is to write out a list of steps needed to accomplish a goal. It can be a major goal, such as publishing a book, finding a new job or getting a degree. It can be a smaller goal of exercising regularly, stopping a bad habit or making more time to read, meditate or volunteer. Once you choose a goal, take a sheet of paper and write the things that have to be done to reach it. Depending on the size of the goal, the steps you write down could also be broken down into steps. Make a copy of the list of steps. Put one where you can see it every day. Put the other in the “Helpful People”, “Career” or “Reputation/Courage” areas of your home or room. As you complete the tasks, mark them off. This will help to motivate your Human side by seeing the progress in black and white (or whatever colors you choose to use).

Many thanks to everyone who is sharing  my posts to help me reach my small but fun goal of hitting 20,000 blog views before 11:59 p.m. Dec. 31, 2012. It is a test and practice for me in setting a goal and ASKING others to help me reach it. And FYI…it is working. I have had my best day for views ever today!!!

Be sure not to start anything new until Sunday, as the energy will not support new things. Write down ideas and wait to pursue them until Sunday. Go after things you have done before, maintainance items and daily tasks.

Enjoy the weekend and Cheers to the last Full Moon of 2012!!

Tuxx being Christmas-y

Tuxx being Christmas-y