2012 Christmas Farm Visit & This Year’s Tree

Posted on December 5, 2012


This year our Holiday season started out a bit strange, without Jessica helping to set up for our favorite festival.

Then, she had to miss the Circle of Lights festival which is the first time since she was 11 years old! (almost 20 years for those who wonder).

Next was helping to select the tree that is kind enough to grace our home with his cheer and abundance. She ended up missing that outing as well.


This is Gregg after cutting the tree and below is me before we cut it. Then the decorations.


2012-11-24 12.47.01 2012-11-24 12.47.09 2012-11-24 12.46.44 2012-11-24 12.43.55 2012-11-24 12.45.05 2012-11-24 12.43.50 


2012-12-01 13.27.42 2012-12-01 13.26.41 2012-12-01 11.35.48 2012-12-01 10.51.05


It is a beautiful Tree and smells wonderful! Thank you Handsome Tree for being a part of our holiday!!