Monday & Tuesday Dec. 3-4 Power Colors with Energy Flow (and don’t forget Jupiter)

Posted on December 2, 2012


Monday Power Colors: Silver, White, lavender, Cream

Tuesday Power Colors: Red, Black, Silver, White

Be sure to take a moment to check out Jupiter (brightest object directly overhead moving west toward morning). We are the closest to him we will be for another ten years. No wonder he is so brilliant!

This is a favorite shot of Mom's how this year. The Most  Christmas on the Block!

This is a favorite shot of Mom’s house this year. The Most Christmas on the Block!

Amber making grave decorations.

Me making decorations for Mama and Papa’s headstone. We also made swags for his relatives and a few of my aunts who have no one else to brighten their season.

A week that will feel ike a breather compared to last. YEAH!!! :o)

We are still feeling and will continue to discover and deal with the effects of the last full moon. These two days will be outgoing, and perhaps impatient. Everyone will be feeling the spot light, willing or not. The revelation of secrets revealed or created will have us reeling, maybe feeling uncertain, unsure.

Here one thing to be sure about, now is the time to take that leap, to make the change. The going will require extra effort, but the rewards will be more than worth it.

Reconnections are happening everywhere as well. Take it easy, slow and give the other party time to acclimate to the “new you”.

We all become something different, “new” as we live life. We grow, change. When we re-connect with those from our early life or years past, things are new and we are in many ways getting to know each other for the first time. Give each other the space to be the “now” people you have become.

Watch our tempers and be prepared to perform when asked.