Monday & Tuesday Power Colors Nov. 26-27, 2012 with Energy Flow

Posted on November 25, 2012


A big pine at the Christmas Tree Farm


Monday Power Colors:

Cream, Silver, White, lavender

Tuesday Power Colors:

Black, Gray, Red, White

***Be extra careful and expect delays, computer and phone issues for this whole week, but especially Monday & Tuesday.***

We are building to the full moon as we start our week. Continue to do regular tasks and rework for best results. We will be in the mood for comfort and thoroughness. Now is a great time to retry lifestyle changes such as exercise, eating or smoking.

Our creative juices are also flowing, keep the paper handy for those great ideas so you can give them a better look next week, when the dust settles. A tumultuous week ahead with the full moon mid-week.

Passions and suspicious attitudes abound, take time to be sure you have good info before you put your foot in your mouth with accusations. Also, make the most of the high passion by spending some alone time with your romantic partner.

Enjoy the week start and the beginning of the holidays!!!

They line the road into Milbrook Christmas Tree Farm