Wednesdat & Thursday Power Colors & Energy Flow Nov. 21-22, 2012

Posted on November 20, 2012


Wednesday Power Colors: Yellow, Gold, Brown, Tan

Thursday Power Colors: Purple, Green, Burgundy, White

Our dream energy is on high. Whether waking dreams of goal to achieve or sleeping dreams of messages on what to do next in life. Be sure to write down any dreams you have while sleeping and write out an action step list keep track of the information we have coming at us.

We are still: accident PRONE!! Be careful and double, triple check everything. Keep the first said kit handy and do not be afraid to call for help if you need it.

Wednesday is a day of energy shifts. An upbeat mood will colors the next few weeks. Party, the bright side and entertaining are all is the mix. Deep passions are also intensified. Be careful about arguments, as they may get out of control too easily. Walk away instead of saying unkind things. They serve no purpose. This flow will last for a few weeks. Many of us will see our romance heat up during this time. Enjoy!

Thursday we may be extra sensitive, be aware of tender feelings. If you are the one with thin skin today, let others know before they hurt your feelings accidentally. Some days we are just more sensitive than others to nonsense. Keep that in mind if you find yourself taking a simple comment to harshly. Also remember it when you are making such comments as well.

We are likely to find the most unexpected treasures in our shopping adventures, keep your eyes peeled. Also giving heirloom treasures those that are younger than us will be rewarding for both parties.

Enjoy the holiday if you are celebrating and have a great week if you are working, playing and living!