Thanksgiving A Few Days Early & Sunday Power Colors

Posted on November 17, 2012


Sunday Colors:  Orange, Gold, Yellow, White

An upbeat day that will have surprises and unexpected changes in plans. Be ready to go with it. Take time to do some star gazing if you have a chance, the sky is FULL of things to see. And the moon is to die for. That post tomorrow!

My early Thanksgiving is to the Universe and everyone in this moment who has been supporting me for these many years.

I have had the most wonderfully fate-filled day. And that is all the while feeling pretty lousy with a cold.

A book store in Zionsville, IN asked to carry my book “The Best Thing” so I took 10 copies up at the request of the owner. She had already sold the copy I left as a sample. She introduced me to another lady who is VERY interested in my Easy Way to Feng-Shui kit, Energy Grid-Power for Your Life. She wants to use me as a component in her corporate consulting package she is putting together. Then I met the lady who had bought my book. It is the first time I have ever met someone AFTER they had bought my book. It was FUN and surreal!!!

Last…as if that was not enough shining for one day, A gal called to schedule a gemstone treatment for her dad on Monday, then we are going to schedule an Energy Grid consult for the next week.

How exciting can one day get, anyway!!!! Thank You Creator, Universe, All Powers…I can never be humble or thankful enough for the blessings and light you have helped me to be a part of everyday. My ever lasting thanks and dedication!!!


Enjoy your day and check out that sky!!!

sun halo 11-11-2012