Open Letter to Tim Tebow 10-21-2012

Posted on October 21, 2012


I wonder how many people have ever kneeled in such a manner.

Not why I opened this computer…but NO matter how FAST they make them…out Human Being evolves to go faster.

Anyhoo…. Tebow. I hope I got the spelling correct. Buys a “trademark” for an ancient and long use position of prayer and reverence. Seriously?


Can you trademark a natural stance?

I am a teacher, a student, a person who has sought AND received the Guidance of The Creator.

I let the patent GO on a product that I have been shown and guided which is going to change The Course of Human Being Evolution. NOW no one person can EVER….EVER patent it exclusively.

As well….my lawyer friend and counsel told me long ago that my idea was not protected very well.


The IDEA could be figured out by anyone with enough knowledge and EXPOSURE to the subject.

Tim…whoever in this world compelled your Human to go AGAINST your BEING…tell them to SHOVE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are doing you no service, my dear.

Almost every single Human Being on this Earth has learned to pray in some fashion or stance…and that is one of the poses of humbleness.

Do not make a mockery of your calling by giving into someone’s idea of a way to “insure your livelihood and position”.

Follow your gut my friend…It is NEVER EVER wrong.

I wonder if you think it might be a good idea to show some right now!!!!

And lastly, b/c I am Human and Being…Why don’t you take some of the money they are charging you to file for such non-sense and someone’s $200,000 mortgage off so they do not have to worry about staying in their home until they die.

All The Best to You,

AmberLena PDLV :)(: