Monday Power Colors & Energy Flow 10-15-2012

Posted on October 14, 2012


Today’s Power Colors:

Cream, White, Silver and Lavender

A triangulation of the Moon, Jupiter and another star.

A relatively calm and enjoyable week is ahead. We greet the week with a New Moon. This one is that is surrounded with energy to support our biggest projects.

Dreams that seem too large to be reachable can be had now, with dedication to the work that it will take to get us there. Our dreamy energy is on high, keep the paper and pen handy to record what you remember as soon as you wake up.

Also, take a minute to write out a prayer request, a note for helpful people, abundance checks or list of goals. Now is a great time to ask the Universe for The Big One…the thing you think is out of reach.

It is also a time that our deep secrets may be uncovered or we can get down to the bottom of issues that are blocking our way from making the next steps in our lives. If you get found out, take the lumps and give yourself time and get help to make the changes necessary to re-balance your life. If you happen upon info that is surprising, upsetting or hurtful, take time to try to understand the WHY. If you cannot, try to think about the things you have hidden and how you would feel if they were revealed, what you would do if you had to deal with the aftermath. Then apply some of that sympathy to the person who is having to go through those major changes (even if they brought it on themself).

Make initial contacts on Tuesday regarding the next steps on your path. Use Monday (today) to get your list ready and questions lined out. Figure outr what you need so you will be ready to start making your requests Tuesday.

Overall we are looking at a calm week, so get set for more energy (after today) and a week to get ready for the next leg of the race!

Another shot of the moon and Jupiter (the day before the one above). I so LOVE my camera!