Thursday Power Colors & Energy Flow 10-11-2012

Posted on October 10, 2012


Thursday Colors to boost our personal energy:

Turquoise, Burgundy, White, Purple


Make your calls and ask your favors by noon today. Afternoon sees us feeling detailed and even nit-picky. Try to curb the pickiness as it will only distract us. Our regular tasks will be best to do today. Stay away from starting new things. Health, wellness and organization will be the main topics over the next two days. Cleaning, clearing, volunteering and donating are all great use of this energy flow. Our energy movement is slow now, be prepared to be tired. Take a nap, bath or meditate to help recharge those reserves.

On a longer term note, we have an energy wave that will help us to realize our most gigantic and outlandish dreams if we are willing to do some real physical work and sacrifice. This flow will see our dreams full-filled or dismantled, depending DIRECTLY on how much we are willing to do the hard work to see them through. If you have been working toward something huge, for a long time, NOW is the golden opportunity to make the final push to the outer limits of your reach, into the unknown. It is ripe for the harvest.

The morning sky is truly spectacular these days!