Tuesday Power Colors & Daily Energy Flow

Posted on October 8, 2012


The bolder the better today: Red, Black, Silver and White.


The good feeling continues with flirty passion in the romance department. We are also high in the charisma vibration, so ask for things you need to achieve goal. Ask for help, loans, resources, etc. And be prepared to lend your assistance to those who ask for our help and expertise. The whole week is full of good feelings, great opportunities and much needed mood boosts.

Our dreams are still filled with vivid information. Keep track of them.

Take the chance and ask when you can and say yes when you are able.

Have a great day and enjoy some intimate time if possible.


Another awesome shot of the moon playing amongst the morning stars!



And let’s not forget the Man of the Hour, Jupiter, who is helping to make our dreams come true this week!