Monday Power Colors & Energy Flow 10-8-2012

Posted on October 7, 2012


Another shot of that awesome harvest moon

Today’ Colors in order of strength: White, Silver, Cream, Lavendar

Our energy is diminishing as the week goes on. Many of us will feel like snuggling in bed and spending time at home tomorrow. Work with ongoing projects and everyday tasks is favored. Anything around the home is supported, especially cleaning things out and donating. Emotions will be on high, but our optimism is picking up (YES!!!!!!!!!!!) which will help us to not get stuck in the sad places.

Anything we can do to continue progress on actions we have already begun will be good.

Enjoy the day and take a few minutes for yourself today to dream and be thankful for this life. It is The Best, even in the worst of times!

Love to All, AmberLena

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