Friday Power Colors & Energy Flow 10-5-2012

Posted on October 4, 2012


Today’s power colors: Pink, Orange, Purple, White, Rose

It is the big day!!!

One of the most major shifts in the energy vibration of our solar system of this year is happening today.

We can expect to have several moment in which we look at circumstances that we may have gone over many time before and say “OH MY GAAAAWWWSH!!! I get it now!!!” It will a major relief for those of us who feel like we may have done brain damage in trying to figure our way through this crazy year.

Our wildest dreams have a high potential to come true, but we will have to work at it. We may even have to do tasks we really do not want or feel like we should have to in order to help them become reality.

As one of my favorite quotes goes “When your ship comes in, be sure you are willing to unload it.” This is a perfect statement for this energetic opportunity.

There is also a wave of explosiveness with this shift. We can expect to hear about explosions of objects and vehicles as well as explosions of emotions and tempers. If you find yourself in the midst of an incident, try to walk away or stop yourself from acting/reacting. And take EXTRA caution with flames and unstable substances.

This entire week will be hazy and accident prone. It will make for interesting dreams and visions, so keep the journal handy. And keep your eyes open for errors due to inattention. (Like the tent top that torn this evening b/c it was hung up and no one saw that it was caught when we tried to put it up.)

Covert and subversive actions and deep conversations will be the norm for a few weeks. Be sure to note that secrets have a way of revealing themselves, so do not get caught up in something detrimental to your big picture. The thrill will not be worth it.

Much of this energy described will last for the next two years. Take a moment to think back to 30 years ago in your life. If you are over 30, you can get a good idea of what areas of your life will have major changes and challenges happening. If you are 35 or younger, this will be a new and different experience for sure.

Oh and the last time this exact energy set up happen in our solar system was at the end of the American Revolution. If history is an indicator of performance, we are in for quite the wild ride.

(One part of this shift happened 30 years ago, but a more detailed important connection has not happen since 1776.)

Here’s to a great weekend and a good Riley Days Festival. Come see us on the south side of the courthouse!!

Assorted stones soaking up the harvest moonlight last Saturday.