Tuesday Power Colors & Energy Flow 10-2-2012

Posted on October 1, 2012




As if the full moon was not enough energy, The Sun had to put on a show with a full halo last night! (Sundog)



Tuesday Power Colors:  Black, White, Red, Silver

A down to earth day, take the advantage of a work-filled day. The remainder this week will be full of changing and shifting energies. We are still reeling from the strong full moon. Many of us are dragging due to the active energy of this weekend. This would be a great day for staying in bed and lazing. Most of us will be compelled to continue the work on projects we have started. With the staying power of the day and the methodical nature, we will see real results by the end of the day.

We are still settling into the “new” dynamics of relationships that made major changes last week. Remember, The Best is happening. Relax and embrace it.

Full Moon halo from last night. 9-30-2012

It was so amazing to watch the halo shift from the setting sun to the rising moon. Inspiring.



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