Thursday & Friday Power Colors with Energy Flow Report Sept. 20-21, 2012

Posted on September 19, 2012


I caught another angel watching over me Saturday.


Thursday 9-19-2012 Power Colors:

Burgundy, Turquoise, Green, White

Friday 9-20-2012 Power Colors:

Purple, Pink, Orange, Rose, Peach

Thursday may prove to be the most challenging day of the week. A reminder that words will not smooth over deep issues that are causing pain and strife will come loudly today. We will be able to communicate nicely, though sometimes without committing. By midday we will enjoy a lift in our mood. Be careful not to over do or push too hard against authority. We will be on the losing end of the battle today.

This sets up a fun day for Friday, as we continue the jovial mood and the conflicts with freedom-to-be-me versus status quo continue. These two days support Gathering knowledge and committing to our goals. Read and write affirming statements about achieving your best life. Now is a great time to get those vibes out to the Universe like we mean it.

We will be feeling more energetic, take advantage and do a little extra.

Enjoy the end of the work week. The weekend is on the way!

Crescent moon is crisp tonight.



Crescent moon is beautiful tonight.



A gorgeous painting in the sky tonight 9-19-2012