Friday Power Colors 9-14-2012 & Weekend Energy Flow

Posted on September 13, 2012


Me and the girl cats Pookie and Cosmo

In order of strength:

Purple, Pink, Orange, White

Our lowest energy day of the month, we are all going to want to stay at home, snuggle in and be comfy. Detail work, meditation and time alone are all favored activities. Cleaning out, donating, and making room for new things will be good use of our time as well. Take care not to be too nit-picky about life this weekend. Everyone is really doing their best, whether it seems like it at times or not.

We have been building up to a major energy match up that puts the need for freedom on the opposite side of authority figures that want to keep things the same old way. We are already seeing LOTS of examples worldwide. Be careful, watch what you say and who you challenge. Enjoy your family and do something for YOURSELF this weekend.

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