Energy Flow Report & Daily Power Colors for Thurs. – Sat. Sept. 6-8 2012

Posted on September 5, 2012


Yeah!!! The Universal Energy Flow sends us much needed lightness and activity as we go into the weekend.

Power Colors in order of strength:

Thursday: Green, Purple, Burgundy, White

Friday: Pink, Purple, Peach, White

Saturday: Blue, Brown, Gray, Black


Lovely full moon from last week



Thursday sees us finding productive and fun ways to get lots of work done. Team up with your favorite work partner and dig into a project. May of us will meet up with people who are able a willing to help further our dreams with real tangible resources! Grab every opportunity that peeks at you. They are always hard to come by, and this is a lucky moment.

Our mood brightens a bunch by noon, as we move into a fun, flirty, gotta party and mingle flow. The sensitive hearts many of us have been sporting for the past few weeks get a much-needed break and it is loaded with fun.

Speaking of, if you are feeling lottery luck, play. Our luck is running high, so take advantage in your particular way.

Friday we hit an even higher note. Make some romance and enjoy that special someone. Be prepared to fall deeply in love with your partner, either for the first time OR again. Be aware that it could end up being a hurt in the future, but for the most part, relationships can become more magical and wonderful than ever imagined starting with this weekend. ENJOY!!! ~Singles, get out and mingle. The charisma and charm are oozing from everyone, making attraction a number one focus for the next few weeks, got out and get it going!





Saturday brings much of the same, be ready for LOTS of conversations, and deep ones at that. Not to worry, they will lead to happy, close and loving feelings when through.

For all days, nit-picking may be in the air, stop it if you catch yourself nagging. Communication is on high and we are able to look at details to help move our goals along. Reading and learning are great activities for the weekend also. For sure get together with a group and enjoy the synergy it brings.

Also, watch for clumsiness. It seems to be going around. Be careful.

Enjoy This sorely needed upbeat yet relaxed weekend! We deserve it fo’ sho’!!!


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