The Universe Always Answers & Full Moon Energy Flow Aug. 30-31, 2012

Posted on August 29, 2012


Thursday Power Colors: burgundy, purple, green, white Expand yourself in some way today

Friday Power Colors: Peach, Pink, Purple, White  spend time with someone you love or admire today.

See energy flow below:

A beautiful gibbous moon to shine on our mid-week

It is funny how when a person “breaksdown” and reaches the moment when they let go of all control and ATTACHEMENT to circumstances that the Creator, the Universe will invariably answer, in short order. And many times very loudly so we have no problem noticing that we were answered.

I had one of those experiences today with the workshop I held.

This past couple of weeks have been HIGHLY emotional as I am sure most of you have noticed. People who are typically even keel have been animated. People who normally do not cry or show uncontrolled emotions have found themselves in the midst of emotional out bursts.

The upcoming full moon is a highly emotional one. The other energies surrounding it will see many of us facing a breakdown that will in turn help us to rebuild more strongly than we had even imagined. Balancing the material world that makes up this reality with the spiritual Being in all of us is the theme of the weekend.

Expect outpouring of feelings, vivid and informative dreams, as well as visions of ideas for future goals.

Write down dreams and look for themes. Houses represent you, your now identity. Vehicles of any type speak to how you are travelling through life. Get interpretations if you can. You can e-mail me, as I love to do them.

The health of both our physical body and emotional Being will be a big part of what is on our mind during this time. No matter where you are starting your health support plan, taking steps to improve our overall health will in turn help our Earth become more healthy as well.

Being with those we love or spending some loving time with ourselves will reap much needed benefits for our journey. Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy the spectacular sky show with the full moon all night and Eastern sky in the mornings.

Also want to mention that there are LOTS LOTS LOTS of people who are experiencing dizziness, heaviness, headaches, dryness and lack of ability to focus/concentrate. The planets and the alignments to the Earth are causing our balance to be off radically. Try breathing, sitting still and moving more slowly. Medicine may help as well, but if it does not, try some natural help. Also amethyst will help to prevent dizziness also.

Enjoy they weekend and be good to you. You deserve it!!!

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