Mid Week Powers Colors and Energy Flow Report

Posted on August 27, 2012


gibbous moon august 27 2012



Tuesday Power Colors (in order of strength) Black, Silver, White, Red 

Wednesday Power Colors: Yellow, Orange, Brown, Gold

Tuesday starts out much like today, a good day for working, with lasting energies around. By day’s end we shift to a surprising, freedom seeking, lets’ do something new feel. Take time to go somewhere different or eat a new dish for dinner, watch a new show.

A high energy week as we head to the full moon weekend, which will be full of the emotion and action we have come to expect out of the Full Moon week.

Whatever you do, take Jim Cantore’s advice and enjoy the magnificence that Mother Nature is providing us now. It is always worth stopping to look.



A beautiful gibbous moon to shine on our mid-week