Posted on August 21, 2012


Just So Wow I had to share …and in the end the love we make is greater than the love they take.


Serendipity, Karma, Fate, Accident, Coincidence or any other theories from Gestalt to a broad range of reference on a number of laws of attraction, all concepts to consider in the meeting of today’s strangers turned friends, Autumn and Jason.

And I promise that I am not wearing any symbolic pendant or sporting any form of religious apparel. So you are safe in the knowledge that you aren’t being led towards jumping off any new age pier or be recruited to a cultish fellowship in my opening references of cosmic powers.

I’m not trying to lean towards the spiritual or supernatural, but I have to say, that there have been way too many experiences in my 365 travels, which through a great variety of situations, has proven to me the idea of attraction is not to be ignored.

Proven by truths that have revealed themselves via the notion of equal does…

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