Yeah, I Love The Waltons

Posted on August 16, 2012


I am watching The Best episode of The Waltons ever. The Heritage is such an important message that I am not writing ANYTHING I should.  And if I can take my mom to the 40th anniversary gathering in LA later this year I will.

Some people offer “a fortune” for Walton land, and John  -the dad- has to decide whether to keep it or not. When someone asks to buy it, Grandpa laughs and says, “Who could sell a mountain or valley or brook?”

They talk about the seasons and the depression. It is so close to home with how our world is behaving now. Working simply to keep what we have, as little as that may be.

And in the end the family is included in making the MAJOR decision of selling the land or not. The beautiful thing about the magical Television is they make the decision all of us FEEL in our core they should…Keep The Land.

It is the message we should all take to our forefront and present mind how much our legacy, heritage and ancestry supports every moment we live in this NOW!

Take a moment. Love the Now that is your safe place and know that

“Every little thing is gonna be alright.”

The Earth will see to it.