Energy Flow Report Sug. 14-15 2012 **Important Info on Accidents and Emotions**

Posted on August 14, 2012


If you feel like it NEEDS to be said, say it today. Words of truth will fall without harm on those who need to hear them. If you have already spouted off with something that was really eating at you to the person that actually needed to hear it, don’t worry. The message will be taken with more compassion than usual.

And be sure to get it done to day, because to morrow is going to be at the top of the charts for challenging. As if we had not had enough of that this year already!

Home and family are still the energy focus. We are at the “lowest“ energy point of the month so do not be surprised to feel SLOW. Also extra emotional in many cases. Lots of passion can equal explosions of all types, so take care to remove your self from volatile situations when possible. If not…use the pink light energy and surround everyone in calm. And if you fall into tears unexpectedly, let them flow. Those toxins needs to be released to make room for new, supportive energy to come.

More on the end of the week later today.