Weekend Energy Flow Report 7-27 thru 7-29 2012

Posted on July 27, 2012


“Ain’t Nuttin’ But A Party Boys!” (Steve, I wrote this b4 your text this morning. Synchronicity) As my friend used to say. I am sure we have all heard that expression.

This weekend is going to feel like that, with some challenging energy wakes to navigate as well. Social, generous, outgoing and upbeat will help to keep us above the other vibrations that are still in play.

Accident prone and liable to over look things, careful attention should be given to every detail, and at least TWICE. It seems like such a DRAG to have to double check things EVERY time, even to me. The reward for that will be less hassles later in fixing the stuff we miss now.

Add the letters “RE” to everything you do and your will get The Best out of this weekend. We are in a highly transformative state and now is the time for things we have done in the past to come back to the fore front for further consideration. Pay close attention to dreams and visions, and get advice on what they may mean from someone. Good book are “The Dream Book: Dream Spells” by Gillian Kemp is a great resource. And you can send me an email at amberlena@comcast.net. Dreams are on of my favorite tools to use in guiding people, because they are your wisdom coming to your rescue. Your spirit knows the best path for you. Dreams and visions are how it tells us what to try and what NOT to worry about.

We need to prepare our heads now for a major shift in identity. We can expect a fun filled, good feeling weekend. Come Monday, we will be looking at a change to some main aspect of our personality. Most of us will have something that we have come to consider a big part of “Who We Are” disappear. We will have to let go and understand that WHO we ARE is NOT tied to THINGS ~beliefs, appearances, relationships, careers, homes, habits. These things are not who we are, they are a part of our reality. When a major thing that has seemed like a constant changes, it is unsettling, scary and sad. It is also necessary for us to become The Best us we can be.

Enjoy this fun weekend. And know that the “new” us will be even better than we can ever imagine, even without that ‘thing’ to which our Human side is so attached. Something new and more satisfying will take its place. That is the way of The Universe. The Creator’s Gift.