Energy Flow!!!Hip Hip Hooray! We Get Some Much Needed Support and Uplifting!! July 24-25, 2012

Posted on July 23, 2012


Jupiter (top) Venus and A star that I neglected to remember the name of…although I looked it up.

Tuesday and Wednesday shape up to be good feeling days as we head into the work week.

Be sure to use EXTRA care on Tuesday as we will feel a bit hazy-headed and could have accidents due to inattention. This day is STELLAR for having important conversations with people in our lives we love and need to clear the air with. If you have been feeling compelled lately to pick up the phone and try again at REpairing an unbalanced (= hurt) relationship with some one dear to you, today is the day. If you have had a nagging urge to call an old friend or relative to check in and re-connect, stop waiting, today is the day. **If you are thinking about re-kindling a romance, not advised. The energy is challenging any change in romance, and it will most likely not work out for The Best now. Wait until later in the summer.

This is a perfect day for re-connecting with those we have made contact with in the past in regards to our hobbies, career or other life journeys. We will be very charismatic and more confident than usual. And for those that may be in the fortunate position to support someone in their quest of a dream, reward their courage to ask with whatever you have to offer them. The rewards for both sides will make for a lasting high all week.

Wednesday continues to feel upbeat and amazing, as the fog really clears and solutions for many of our issues seem to appear in front of our faces. Expect luck, surprises of the good kind and the tendencies to over-do, over indulge, over spend and over exaggerate to be a big part of our day. Try to remember not to get carried away on this flow. TOO much is just as hard to deal with later as not enough. Stop yourself if you feel out of control. Avoid things that are tempting if you think your will-power is subject to caving in. It will be very easy this week to throw away hard work in changing an old habit due to this confident and giddy energy flow. Let’s not do anything we will regret next week!

Enjoy this wonderful respite from the intense challenge and explosive energy from last week. The intensity remain, but this week we get to enjoy some happy surprises!

PS Make notes of all dreams and visions and hold off on interpretation or action until after Aug. 15, 2012

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