Energy Flow Report July 23-23, 2012 More Fun

Posted on July 22, 2012


Bring on the King of Beasts along with a social vibe and we will all be more dramatic and even judgmental. Conversely, some will find it hard to make decisions until Tuesday. Then we get a boost of put it in order and get the job done the first time energy.

The past week has been surreal -I think- to say the least. I am sure almost everyone is or knows someone licking a wound or two. There are a few bullies that are smarting from unexpected  “push back” . The events of Friday were an example of how the flow of the Universe works.

How it can possibly be for The Best, none of us can know. What I do know is The Best is in everything moment that occurs, and so too The Best is in this tragedy as well.

The surprises continue be ready (like you know how could you?) for anything. Moreover, look for support and guidance when faced with issues. Be aware that we may find ourselves over doing it in many areas. Take care to avoid an accident, as that energy has not changed. Avoid starting anything new, as the energy is supporting rework on current projects over starting fresh.

Tuesday we will need to curb the urge to overdo and be overly dramatic. We will also be feeling the urge to make a major change in ourselves that will affect the world, our communities. Go with something you have been interested in before, something that may have fallen by the wayside. The one that makes you feel good all over.

We are still here, still learning and still evolving at the speed of light! Congrats on being a part of this wild ride. The morning sky continues to be spectacular, as well as the evening sky if you have a flat horizon line. Saturn and Mars at dusk, Venus Jupiter and (soon) Mercury at dawn. (Plus some other awesome friends.)

Look for my roll cloud video to be up tomorrow. It is awesome to see and well, with me narrating, anything goes.

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