~~~Energy Flow Report July 19-20, 2012~~~ Important Info!!!

Posted on July 19, 2012


I have a funeral to go to in a few so I have to say this fast.


Yes. It feels like everything is ready to blow and under pressure. If anyone has been watching the Eastern sky over the past month, the planets have lined into to what immediately invoking the image of an arrow drawn back and ready to fling. What comes after that is a fast and furious flight. Being flung here to yon.

Be prepared for: Accidents of all types, spills, bre3aks explosions, falls, motor vehicle, miscommunication, emotional, flare ups of old wound, inflammation in the body, you name it. Things will be coming at us from out of the blue and the urge to be free or “right” will be strong. Resist it. The Best is now and we are each The Best we can be Right Now. Allow that to be okay and the challenges will pass without lasting damage. Do not be surprise to hear about people standing up to AND defeating their bullies.

Things to help: ~Think in pink light shining on and through everything. ~Breathe in through nose out through mouth slowly, at least 4-6 times, every time you remember to do it. ~Count to twenty when you are ready to unload on someone. Give your heart and mind time to connect before allowing yourself to react to what is really happening and not what the events would have us knee jerking about. ~Walk, as fast as comfortable or clean something that needs it.

The weekend is shaping up to be active (of course) health oriented and a bit nit-picky. More on that tomorrow. Please every double and triple check that intersection, roping, ladder or chair so we can be together again soon! AmberLena :)(: XOXO