Energy Flow Report July 17-18 2012 **Intense Times!

Posted on July 17, 2012


These are some of the lovelies that are helping to make life so interesting right now.


Again, what ‘calm’ period? Kind of like What Vacation? :o) We are prone to accidents and overlooking things, so double check your work and every intersection!

Today we start in with intense, clashing, take action and look out for “power plays” of all sorts.

It occurs here that I should remind everyone that…these reports  and the energy they are tracking affect not only those of us who read them, those who are adults, but also our children, our elders and our animals. Meaning, if things get crazy with anyone or anything, do not be surprised. Be ready to take protective and evasive actions when necessary. If you find yourself being the aggressor…stop. There is no shame in abruptly changing your behavior when you realize you are acting out at others and/ or the Universe.

The other thing that we should be aware of is that the intensive energies of the planets around us and the patterns they are in are causing a lot of breathing issues. Even for people who do not typically have allergies, snoring, sinus or lung problems this energy flow has been physically tough on everyone. Not mention our Earth herself, enduring elevated heat and severe weather all around the globe.

Tuesday and Wednesday begin our week of havoc with the lowest energy level of the month. Coupled with the emotional moon; which really just wants to take of home, family and the important stuff; look for our confidence to be weak and susceptible to feeling like we are out of our league in what ever endeavor we are working toward. ***Keep in mind, this will be short lived and is a result of a Universal energy flow NOT really you or your performance/choices.*** Do not chuck the dream just because it feels impossible. Take advantage of another aspect of the flow, which is reward for drastic and meaning action. Trying to put on a brave face, being tougher than we are or making statements we will not follow through on will be found out and torn up as we do it, so save your self the trouble and Do Not make any promises (good or bad) you know deep down you will not keep. The gut always knows the truth and if it does not sit well with our “knowing place”, then DON’T DO IT!

Best use of this energy is to do things that support our home and family. Whether that is sitting with friend or loved one in laughter or tears, cleaning out a closet, bathroom or garage, preserving what little plant life we can or lounging with our partners and kids, all are great ways to get the most out of this crazy mixed up wave we are in now.

(I am sitting here thinking “okay, so it is low energy, intense energy, active energy, challenging even dangerous energy, all at once? Who in the Universe could ever hope to understand how to assimilate and balance all of that!!!)

Tools to use:

~Pink light in any angry or threatening situation.

~Count to 10 or 20 to ensure that how you are about to react is actually what your gut and intuition are feeling. We will have the tendency to speak before thinking right now.

~Breathe. In through the nose as deep as possible for 8 counts, hold for 12 then exhale through mouth for 8-10 counts.

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