Energy Flow Report-Weekend July 13-15, 2012

Posted on July 12, 2012


For most of us it has not felt anything like a breather. But the energy flow is getting ready to kick up the challenge meter starting tomorrow.

Not because of the numerical date, but because of the shifts that will be happening. This will in turn make for major waves and wakes in our lives.

First and foremost put on your “Be Careful Gear” and your “Check It Twice” hat. These two tools will be at the forefront of helping us get through the communication, travel and business disruptions we will be dealing with through mid-August.

So, down to the nitty-gritty…cut to the chase.

This weekend will be best suited for staying home and lounging around. That said, most of us also hav eth underlying feeling that we “must needs” to get things done now…no waiting around.

To that end, I start my whirlwind workshop-booking signing tour at New Age People Saturday. I have five in a row…then a swim party with the kids (So Fun!!!) one more workshop, then VACATION!

Then I will look up and fall (whatever form it may take on) will be upon me…us.

A person I know told me today that he noticed that there just was not any DEW AT ALL in the mornings.

That is proof that EVERYONE in the end will notice, and speak of the changes that are happening in our galaxy. And contrary to some peoples’ belief (which is subjective as always) we will survive AND evolve to the Golden Age on steroids. The myths we have handed down will be nothing compared to the wonders we are going to experience as we COLLECTIVELY figure out how to neutralize the imbalance on our Beloved Earth .

As for how to handle this big push of energy:

Laying low is best for everyone. Seriously, BE CAREFULLER THAN YOU EVER HAVE BEEN.

The base energy of change coupled with the change in direction of certain vibrations make surprise events in life a natural and supported flow.

The focus of relationships on the home and family front continues. Our finanes and/or resources for everyday living will also be looked at and considered.

Flirty and chatty, we will have vivid dreams and waking visions of realities that maybe and are happening elsewhere in time. Record what you can remember. Feel free to share with me at for insight as to the meaning of any dream of vision, daydream you might have.

The term due diligence comes to mind here. And a safety harness. And a watchman…guardian.

Much love and support to all! AmberLena

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