July Full Moon Energy Flow Report July 3-6, 2012

Posted on July 3, 2012


The first Full Moon of Summer is here! Giving everyone an extra reason to celebrate. Of course, this will come with intense and high emotions. Relationships (I know, these read like a broken record in that regard…but life is made of relationships, right?) will be our focus. In particular, following our heart versus being responsible and settling for security.

Our mission…find a way to do both! We have support in doing that over the next few weeks. We are going into another review, revise period. The next 9 days or so will give us a chance to catch our breath. Make time to get your bearings, because the mid-month is going to be active, even tumultuous.

A grounded, earthy feeling surrounds us through Wednesday evening. These are good days for working through things we need to consider in making our life the best now. We will feel a major shift as our action energy finally moves out of the restrictive flow it has been in and into a more decision minded, fair for all mode.

Be on the look out for moment when our emotions will get the most of us an we make “have a cow” (as Mom says) be fore we feel better. This may be cathartic, but we should try to temper our outburst if possible. Use the ten count, pink and orange light visualization to help neutralize those energies.

A social energy flow ushers in the weekend, and we will still be in party mode.

We should also expect news out of the blue, most of it for the good this time! And to hear from old friends as well. Maybe even be the one to call an old friend.