Energy Flow Report Monday-Thurs. June 25-28, 2012

Posted on June 25, 2012


The deer that was roaming the neighborhood this weekend

Mom asked me last night how soon I thought things would start smoothing out. I had been telling her this is the most intense and challenging energy time of this year.

I did not respond right away she immediately assumed it must not be going to happen anytime soon.

For those of you who have been following this report for a while, you know that we are in a major change focused energy flow. These vibrations will leave the landscape of our world and our lives forever different. Much of it will be so unlike what came before that it will be hard to believe that what came before was ever actually here.

This period of 2012 is one of the highest intensity times during this 17-ish year shift. That is because it begins the two and a half year period of clashing between the need to create “new”, different more community focused realities for our world and the need to follow some sort of order and rules.

It is freedom and uniqueness versus responsibility to orderliness. And this week we start with the angle being lined up perfectly. This will see that everyone has their moment of choosing the responsible route or the independent one. It is certain that we will all be letting go of old ideas, belief systems, attitudes, habits and lifestyles that are holding us back from becoming the best person we can be.

With the letting go will come any number of emotions: sadness, fear, grief, anticipation, relief and the room to embrace a more fulfilling life. Please be sure to contact me anytime for suggestions on how to handle these emotions when they become overwhelming. There are lots of tools to help us manage these intense energies.

The week starts with upbeat confidence, which is welcomed anytime. We detail and health oriented through Tuesday afternoon. We can get a lot of work done during these two days. Be sure not to over estimate what you can accomplish. We will start to feel our sense of responsibility begin to take a direction again as that energy starts to flow in a more comfortable pattern.

As we have covered in the past couple of week RELATIONSHIPS of all types are what we are working on, in our waking minds as well as our dream states and spiritual moments. These are not just with other people, but with animals, plants, machinery, technology, the Universe, you get it.

Our mid-week will find us in the mood to be fair in our decisions, but perhaps judgmental. Some of us may also find ourselves indecisive. But we will all be feeling more loving toward those we hold dear. Our speech becomes bold and even loud at times. Expect contests for attention and stepping out into the spotlight to be part of our behavior over the next couple of weeks.

Try to remember the ten count and hold your tongue when possible. We do not HAVE to win every argument. And in the end, the winner is not always the loudest or the last one standing.

Put all of the energy you can into building strong relationships in all areas of your life. Clean out and get RID of anything or anyone that is not supporting the Best you. Now is the time the Universe will reward major, bold moves with The Best life ever in the future.

Enjoy the week and look out for a fun filled, deep thinking weekend.

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