Doe-A Deer

Posted on June 24, 2012


We had a visitor to our back yard area this morning. I am not sure where she ended up, but the police said that they nor animal control would help take her to safety.

I took her a dish of water…I figured that must be what she was looking for. It is scary crazy, this weather here in Indy. we are approaching 60 days of rain free at my house. I watered things in the yard for over 6 hours today. If I want any flowers for the fourth, some stuff had to have a drink.

I am continuing to concentrate my energy on a soaking rain before the Fourth of July. Any help is appreciated loads!!!









She is very large, does not look sick and stared at me. She was calm, almost pleading…for me to make “it” stop. Wish I could beautiful baby.



Here’s hoping we do not wake up to find her in the pool in the morning!