Weekend Energy Flow Report June 9-10, 2012

Posted on June 9, 2012


Reaching into the Heavens (Sun during Venus transit June 2012)



The energy is intense, emotional, and hazy. There will be LOTS of going back over ideas, goals, beliefs…especially as they relate to our Relationship with everything.
Each person is dealing with their own area of major life change. Progress has taken a slow-down, allowing us to assess and adjust. Let go of the need to know How and Why, focus on the way relationships are supporting or hindering.
Be ready for tears this weekend…happy, sad, glad, mad, joyful, maybe even scared.
Say what your heart needs to say and leave everything else unsaid. Feelings will be as loud as words the next few days.
Passion is also on high, watch the urge to argue that comes with feeling full of zest.
Enjoy these moments. This is one of the most intense periods of the past few years, with more cranking up coming in the next few weeks. Take time for centering and alignment.