Robbed. Was our house. Yesterday.

Posted on May 30, 2012


Love in a Mist

I still feel like it is crazy to say or even suppose, but the lap top and my phone that were laying on the living room couch are gone. Oh they’re Gone! Gone! (Rudolph)

SO when? Hmm. Good question. After 10:30 Sunday night and before 9 a.m. Monday morning. Gregg says the front door was locked, but the backdoor was not. We are pretty sure no one scaled the 6 foot fence to come in the back during the night. Our gates are pad locked, and there was no indication that anyone had climbed over the fence. You know, chain link will bend and show feet marks when you are climbing a section that tall.

However, there was a few minutes (like about 5-10 at the most) when the front door was unlocked and I was in the back yard. Gregg went to the store, left out the front and did not lock it. Usually I check for that, but yesterday NO, I did not. So when Gregg came home he thought it was strange that I had the door unlocked but was not in the house or out front. We did not notice anything missing until after the kids left last night. We were all out back all day, and in the hurry to get everything ready before they got there, we never even thought of using the laptop or my phone.

So when I thought I would jump on the computer after everyone left to do my first Indy 500 blog about Pole day is the first time we were sure we did not know where I had stashed it. After 30 minutes of looking in all of the places I knew I would normally stick it, Gregg started the hunt. 30 minutes after that, we started looking EVERYWHERE!!!! In the fridge, oven, pantry, trash, under bed, couches, chairs, in the laundry, washer, dryer, both cars. Then we took a walk and ride around the neighborhood, looking for any sign of any parts that might have been discarded by the Un-Sub (unknown subject). No lap desk, no mouse, no phone. I walked between houses and looked in my neighbor’s trash. No calls had been made on the phone and the phone was off or out of battery.

At that point, Gregg called the police to come out for a report. What a drag. They were very nice, but what a dunce-y dork I feel like. I mean, I might as well have opened the door and invited “UnSub” in to take whatever they pleased. One of the things that I am EVER vigilant about…I let slip…and someone got me!!!! I cannot help but think of how much worse I would have felt if one of us had gotten hurt. SO HAPPPPPPYYYYYY that my NEW camera was NOT laying there as well!!!!!! Sometimes I leave it there over night. No car keys, garage remotes, money or jewelry were missing, thankfully.

I tell everyone to never open their door to a stranger. Someone unexpected is potentially a threat especially to those who are weak or unsuspecting. I always lock the door as soon as I come in it. And I am sure you can guess, that will never happen again. What if they come back when we are not home. I can’t carry all my precious stuff with me everyday. J

I am feeling very irresponsible and like my ground is shaky. I am hoping to sleep better tonight. I should do use some of the tools from my book to help me along. I mean, I am glad that this happened instead of say one of the cats running out in the road and getting hurt, but not much. I liked feeling safe. I do not like NOT feeling safe. And I have seen and read about the criminals who target neighborhoods and homes like ours for an opportunity to walk in, snatch something and leave. I even lock the door when I am at home alone and I walk around the house out of site of the front door. Now I have to be compulsive about it. DRAG!

Anyway, here is my warning that Yes…it happens to everyone. I guess I am glad my brush with crime has been so minimal. Double check and triple if you have to (the older we get the easier it is to forget we checked it). Now, to work on the tightness in my shoulders and my eye twitch. I’ll let you know how I come out!

Glad to see some rain today!

Look for the Energy Flow Report in its New Weekly format tomorrow! Speaking of…the energy yesterday pointed to a surprising event in the area of identity, communication and personality. I am here to say, we can only learn to manage the waves, we cannot become immune to them.