The Household Chore I Dread the Most to do and Love the Most When it is Finished

Posted on May 24, 2012






We love our cats. Love Love Love. The cuddliness, the purring, the curl up in the lap and keep us warm, the comforting hooshing around against you when you are feeling sad, the way they do not judge you on every level.

One of the big pluses of cats is their ability to sense when things are going on before they can see or hear them. It makes them great alert system for when you are alone.

The Three P’s of cats I do not like at all are peeing, pooping and puking. And if you have cats, you will ahve to deal with these three P’s no matter what.

But, below we see a few of the reasons why people that love cats put up with the dreaded P’s.





Pookie and Tuxx in Sunday mode






Cosmo (top), Pookie (bottom)