Energy Flow Special Report May 20, 2012

Posted on May 19, 2012


Energy Flow Special Report

The eclipse that occurs tomorrow is feeling very powerful and encompasses much of the world.

The energy this brings is letting go and embracing. Sunday is a one of the most supportive days of the year to either begin or end things that will help us to become our very best. The day time is a great time for trimming, pruning and weeding to make sure things will stay gone. This same energy applies to our lives as well. What can we “prune” out and get rid of. What old, gnarled bunch of dead stuff can we remove from our lives to make room for life that is new and Best? The intensively creative power of this eclipse will aid us in finding ways to stick to the changes we make.

Take time alone to look deep and feel what things are best to work on. Follow your heart, your gut, your intuition to decide where to make the moves toward our goals and dreams.

Enjoy this day and enjoy the moment. It is now and will never be again. Much love to all!! AmberLena