Time Magazine Stirs It Up

Posted on May 11, 2012


My initial reaction to the much talked about Time Magazine cover about breastfeeding is this:

If Time was really out to help mothers and children who engage in the natural act of breastfeeding, they would NOT have made the image purposefully glib.

I am mean seriously, how many of you Moms out there who have breast-fed your children ever did it in the get-up they have on the cover mom or had their child on a step stool to be fed?  I am not a mother, so I have never had the honor and pleasure to experience this wonderful part of parenthood. I do have family and friends who are mothers and I have been with them as they have breast-fed their kids. It always seemed to be a very loving, comfortable, nurturing act, not an after thought of a busy moment before we rush out the door to soccer, tennis or yoga.

Breast feeding is natural and healthy for mom and baby.

I have no issue at all with Time addressing this important aspect of parenthood. It would have been taken as more of a supportive gesture if they had done it without trying to ensure sales by misrepresenting the way this is typically done in most families. It seems that they purposefully made the image look questionably risqué in order to convey the thought that there is something WRONG with breastfeeding your child past the age of two, without coming out and saying so. Hey Time Magazine, you did not fool anyone. We consumers are becoming harder to manipulate with the slant of images and words.

And for the record….each Mom and Dad have to decide if breast-feeding is the best thing for them and their child. Some Moms do not have a choice, they are not able to breast feed due to not enough milk. There is no reason babies should not be breastfed or that it should still be something that has to be “done under cover” instead of embraced as a beautiful part of nature. I am, honestly how many of us have watched in delight as a mama cow, pig, horse, dog, cat, etc. laid still so her babies could suckle.  Why in this day and age should this be a “decency” issue?

Okay Moms, sound off. Let us know how you feel about the way this represents you as mothers. And anyone who has an opinion about being breastfed, or those who do, we want to hear from you also!