Weekend Energy Flow Report May 3-6, 2012 Full Moon Fever! Again!

Posted on May 4, 2012


Thursday and Friday May 3-4, 2012

Our approach to the full moon is filled with socializing, decisions, judgments and even romance. Emotions and energies are running high and will continue to be so right into the weekend. Painting and staining are good activities from now until Friday night.

If it feels like everyone is quick to jump and is not fully listening before giving input, you are not imagining it. We are all under the influence of the wave of speaking first, thinking later, maybe regretting it, maybe glad to get it out in the open.

Overall our energy is feeling good, with some dips into reflections of life, where we are at, where we are going and even some tears for what has past and what’s to come. That is okay…let those feelings be a part of you, feel them, and then ALLOW them to leave. These two days have a soft heart in them, so do not be surprised by a twinge of compassion and nostalgia. If it feels right, do something out-of-the-blue kind for someone. If you are feeling sad, blue, melancholy or bummed, that is part of this flow…..do NOT despair, things will feel better soon!

We are also in the midst of an accident prone and/or irritating mistake mode that has everyone making and/or cleaning up big messes, injuring themselves or having to wait for orders to be corrected. Slowing down is the only help for this and almost all of us will still have a few bumps in the road (many of us already have had some)! Try to take a breath and realize it will pass soon and we are not alone. Violent reactions are also possible in certain situations, so be aware of other peoples’ moods and back out or walk away to be safe.

Gibbous May Moon

May 5-6, 2012 Saturday and Sunday

Our week end is going to be powerful and many of us can expect to have some stark reality thrown at us. These two days are actually eventful as far as astronomy is concerned, which is affecting our energy flow strongly. There are many of us who have had an opportunity to see the beautiful Moon opposite the growing Sun this past week. If weather permits, take the chance both of these nights to do some moon gazing. It is especially tingly when you stand where you can see both Sun and Moon and just bee still, letting you cells soak in the electric energy that is coming from both directions at once. It is very invigorating to our physical bodies.

Because full moon energy brings open, revealing energy and this particular one is colored with mystery, intrigue, suspicion, delving into to the deep parts of life and high, possessive emotion, we can expect dramatic feelings, conversations into our deepest dreams, fears and intense emotional feelings in response to these talks. ****Remember, anytime we feel threatened, in danger, vulnerable or in a confrontation, we can immediately reduce the escalation by envisioning everything and everyone surrounded in pink glowing light. Whatever color pink comes to mind is what you should use. It may even change colors as the moods change.*****

Big reveals and debuts and likely to happen during this time as well. Know that if the spot light is stopping on you, and you have prepared, this will be a life long moment of success. If you are not, you will feel it deep inside. Our areas of inadequacy will show up and we can use this moment of perceived setback to learn important keys to building a stronger foundation. And the stronger our foundation becomes, the stronger the entire life will be. Also take into consideration that others may not be to the same phase of vibration as you are now. Those people will be resistant or reluctant to delve deep into the heart of things. Do not push, as the backlash is not worth our Human “need to be nosy”.

This energy may also find many of us cleaning and clearing out stuff we have been holding onto, some of it perhaps for years. The urge to lighten up and make room for new stuff is strong in this flow. This goes for gardening as well. And this is a great weekend to prune flowering bushed to encourage them to grow.

Be sure to take in the spectacular skies if weather allows in your area. They have been indescribable in the amount of stars, the size of the moon as it rises and having the brilliant sun. Enjoy the weekend and keep in mind….this is The Best of Your Life…Right Now!! Live and enjoy like it!!! AmberLena

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