May Day, Cinco de Mayo and 2012

Posted on April 30, 2012


May Day is here again. What does that mean? There are several cultures that have celebrations to mark this time of the year. Modern celebrations bring together the love of growing, gardening and tending the Earth with celebrating the season of new growth. Maypoles in all sizes are still made to honor the feminine energy of this holiday.

May Day, Tana’s Day and Beltane just a few of the names people have for May 1st.


Modern Maypole


In the most ancient times this celebration was used as a marker of the Sun’s position in the sky. At 15 degrees of Taurus, this day marks the time when we are safe to start our planting in earnest. The day the Sun reaches this place in the sky varies from year to year. This year the day is May 5th.

So although many people will celebrate the coming of Spring, the renewal of life and the fertile energy of this time of year on May 1st, the real celebrations and rituals should be held on May 5th this year.


April Moon, on it's way to a May full moon this Saturday


And speaking of May 5th…what a BIG energy day for this year! A full moon, the cross quarter day for the Sun and Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration that fits this time of year. It commemorates the battle of Pueblo. It is the remembrance of beating the big guy against all odds. It seems appropriate that such a great battle happened at a time of year with such strength.

No matter what day of this week you choose to celebrate, take some time to spend outside, listening, looking and smelling the growing of nature.


Hiding under our lilac bush!