Energy Flow Report April 23-25, 2012 with Daily Power Colors

Posted on April 23, 2012


An energetic mid-week is a welcomed event for everyone.

Chatty, flirty and creative, we will enjoy a continuation of the lasting energy as we go through our Tuesday. Continue taking steps toward those dreams and goals, even small ones. Visualization is a powerful tool we can use to move our goals forward. In place of tangible, physical action, visualize how things will be when you (and those in your life) when the goal is complete. This is a great way to tell the universe that this is how you would like things to be at the end of your journey.

We can get lots of work done Tuesday, so use every bit of energy and momentum to make great strides in our lives.

Wednesday will find many of us in the midst of digging too deep into the “ways of the world”. Whatever subject you feel compelled to delve into stop yourself when you feel like you are being sucked into an abyss. This feeling will only last about 24 hours, so do not despair at the deep darkness you may discover as you look into any area of life that you want to improve or change.

We can get into some much needed details, but we need to know that those details may show us things that make us feel sad for our loved ones and our Earth. But our hopefulness and ability to think of ways to make it better will return by Thursday, ushering in a weekend of family and a good weekend for planting and pulling weeds.

One other fun thing to look forward to is the full moon for May, the sun-marking day of spring and Cinco de Mayo all fall on Saturday May 5th this year! What a fun weekend we have coming next week!

Enjoy this week and keep after it…think of The Best and know it is coming to you every time you think of it!

Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

Monday- Monday’s energy supports dreams and memories. Monday’s colors are white, cream, silver and gray.

Tuesday- Tuesday’s energy supports actively pursuing your passions and desires. Tuesday’s colors are black, red, silver.

Wednesday- Wednesday’s energy supports communication and connection on all levels. Wednesday’ colors are brown, yellow, golden.

Thursday- Thursday energy supports expanding our vision and insight on all levels. Thursday’s colors are green, purple, turquoise, burgundy.


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