Make the Most of This Powerful Weekend Energy

Posted on April 21, 2012


Don’t forget to write your note to The Creator about your dreams and goals today.

If you have already written it, be sure to read it each day as well.

And especially, take time between now and Monday morning to completely immerse yourself in the feeling you will have when these dreams are a reality and you are waking up everyday to a life that is even Better than you had imagined, it is The Best ever!

Let your body respond as if you are living your dream every day. It will feel lighter, smoother, more uplifted. You will feel your muscles relax and a smile creep over you. Allow yourself 3-5 minutes in this feeling/vision, so you can remember what you are striving for as you take on each day.

Enjoy your weekend and if you want to boost your abundance requests even more, keep them in the Career or Helpful people areas of your room or home.