The New Moon is Coming-Energy Flow Report Special April 20-21, 2012

Posted on April 19, 2012


Get ready for Saturday and Sunday. These two days are taylor made for starting things we want to last.

Whether it is a life style habit we want to change, a project we wnat to grow or a mind set we want to change, the energy of there two days gives us a super solid and long lasting energy foundation to build upon.

Even if you are not 100% prepared to begin the change, you can harness the strength of these days by wrriting out letters to the Creator, affirmations and prayers requesting assitance for The Best way to accomplish your goal.

Whether it is weight control (more or less), smoking, better money budgeting, changing detrimental habits like excessive gambling, drinking, lying, or better self care, we will find our ability to stick to them and succeed much higher if we make some type of  tangible action toward that goal this weekend.