Yes, We Still Dye Easter Eggs

Posted on March 31, 2012


Here is the 2012 pictures of our annual Easter Egg dying day. As usual, we had to go to a couple of stores to get the perfect Paas dye. They have lots of variety.

Even though Jessica is a grown up, we still take time very year to color Easter Eggs. We make an egg with the name of family members and pets. Sometimes we try to make new colors and lots of double dipping goes on.

Amber (me) concentrating.

Cats are double parked on Dad's lap.

I am glad that we have continued to color eggs even though we do not have any young children in the family now. It is a fun thing and keeps the kid spirit alive in us as we giggle and laugh at the silly thing we draw and write with the clear was crayon.

You still have time to go out and grab a dozen eggs, some Paas dye, vinegar and get to coloring some springtime eggs. Enjoy an age-old tradition of decorating eggs to honor the fertile, growth time of the year we in the Northern Hemisphere are just beginning.